TrashHouse (2005)
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Year: 2005
Country: UK
Release date:
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Stars: Amber Moelter, Tom Wontner, Hannah Speller
Directors: Pat Higgins
Runtime: 82min

Somebody doesn't love Lucy…


Testing an experimental implant that gives people complete control over their environment, a secret agency assemble five strangers. According to profiling of reading habits, employment histories and shopping records, they are five of the most balanced people in England. These five are offered an opportunity to spend a week in a specially designed house, in which they will have ultimate power during set hours of the day within their own rooms. From creating objects out of thin air to changing their own appearance, anything is possible within the house. The subjects' vital signs will be measured from afar to check that everything is OK. Two of the subjects, David and Lucy, create an environment of 50s domestic tranquility. Another, Charlotte, uses the power to gain knowledge and advance mankind. Another, Luke, is just looking to have as much fun as possible. There is, however, a fly in the ointment…

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